A special awareness

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Sibylle Schwarz is the opposite of what her last name could make us think. In her art, and so in her life, black is just one of the many possible colours we can live and it has no negative sense so it’s one of the several nuances of existence. She lives the artistic experience with no separation from life itself and she expresses her perception through her drawings. She thinks everything is connected and her lines are like the several ways she finds in her journey of discovering. From that experience she’s creating her daily kingdom.

What’s art for you?

Art is the way to live and see. To look at things, to be deeply touched, to feel the love, to feel the pain, to be aware…the woman on the street in her colorful dress, the way she touches the child, the smell of the air and the violet of the dancing cloud, the green of the leaves after the rain, the little hand of a baby, all is so beautiful and rich, our world is full of inspiring colors, shapes, experiences ...walking with open eyes...all becomes art, the way you see is art, the imagination, the personal constant interpretation, a smile is not only a smile, it covers my heart and let me draw…life is full of invitations.

How would you describe the link between your life and your art?

My life is art. Art is my life. There is a way I try to put color on my daily simple world, to feel like a queen or a king, creating my daily kingdom with a special awareness, living fully. Being aware, that we are never alone, we are connected anyway, through lines we not could even imagine, a big complexity of relations. Like the song lines of an aborigine and his respect for an emu. We are a part of the essence, DNA, spirit; an endless pattern of invisible truth. Lines are mostly onelinedrawings, no beginning, no end…colors are intermixed. Small and bigger shapes, like a prelude of human structures, a network, an own language, innocent and aware of the universe. A word, an unspoken word becomes a part of the existence. A touch, a smile, a kiss. Driven by my own artistic dynamic, radical, but caring, all and always reflecting, reacting in lines and colors. My work represents my life, my life represents my work, assimilating in awareness and playfulness.

Of our five senses which one is your favourite and why?

They are all very important for me. But the fifth, if all disappears and I could not see or could not hear anymore, it would be my fifth to keep the touch, to remember all colors of love and life.

Why the human body has a main role in your work?

Yes, I adore the beauty of the human nature, lips, wrinkles around the eyes, the gesture of a hand, the movement and power of a muscle, the eyelashes of a  baby, the eyebrow of an old man lifting up while thinking, the view into deep eyes, beyond, beyond. Beauty, longing, desire, frustration, sadness, growth, wisdom, all becomes visible…if you work on the field, your hands tells stories, yes there is unlimited to receive, by watching us. Our body language which doesn’t need words. Dancing and smiling…our bodies are virtuous instruments, ambassadors of beauty.

You say we are all part of an essence, what do you mean?

We are a part of something big, we cannot even imagine. All our DNA, our blood and our breath is like one seed of a huge field of wheat. Each seed, each corn is total unique, and a important part of this process of eternity, like one drop of the rain, in a complexity of climate in constellation with other unknown systems of foreign galaxies. Like a tear of joy or pain, the liquid of sweat of effort, like the amitotic fluid, when we give birth, like the tidal amplitude of the ocean, like our breath.

Do you believe in god? In that case, what’s your concept of god?

There is no doubt. Just learned so far that I accept the not knowing anything concrete, that I stop thinking in this case in visuals. God has no coat, no face and he is. Just knowing there is a plan I do not know. Just trust.

Do you think we’ll be someday able to understand the complexity of existence?

Do you imagine a jellyfish will understand one day the social network of a siamang in the rainforest and could listen the content of his song? I do not even understand the message of my physical body, to change circumstances to avoid the pain I am going sometimes through.

Your onelinedrawings remind me some works of Jean Cocteau. Why did you choose that kind of technique?

By accident. I think, I just started, because I realized, if you start with a empty paper, with the respect and the pressure doing something beautiful. Your brain is a strong choreography, but a better one is your heart and your unconsciousness. If you let your arm do, the it’s you drawing. The ego could disappear for a moment and you receive a gift.

What do you think about loneliness?

If we realize, that we could open our heart for the awareness that we connected, we are all the same, nobody is less or more, we start not feeling this loneliness anymore, less and less. We could feel alone with joy, celebrating our time, listening to our inner song.

Could you explain me a dream?

I have my dreams, like opening a place for children in Benin, supported by friends, if this is foreseen, I just give my best every day to go for that. My goal is to be ready to become what life is asking me to do, to bring a little light, a little joy for humans, children and nature. If life says I’m not ready for big mountains, I will go for what I am calling for.

Sibylle Schwarz | Daily Kingdom . A selection of works here

An interview by Juan Carlos Romero
Photo courtsey of Sibylle Schwarz
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