A nowhere heart

The historic collaboration between Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello in the late eighties gave us a dozen of great songs spread between the albums "Flowers in the Dirt" and "Off the ground" of McCartney and "Spike" and "Mighty Like a Rose" of Costello  The duo shined wonders like "My Brave Face", "Veronica", "So Like Candy" and "That Day Is Done". Obviously, this was possible because of a strong communion in their tastes, so it wasn’t a surprise when in the late nineties both be erected as the main sponsors of the Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith, especially after the publication of the magnificent album "Blue boy "in 2001. I still remember how, in the shadow of the beautiful Baobab that gave shelter to the work of writers and musicians in the programming of the Catalan TV channel Canal 33 a few years ago, I heard his delicate "Just my heart talkin'".And since then, album after album, he has been stringing verses with the thread of his voice to the current "Forever Endeavour" album, heavily influenced by the health problems suffered during its recording. To start with "Nowhere to go" and to end with "The Morning Light" is always a beautiful trip when one is accompanied by one of the best melodic talents of the recent years. Just to stop at the lyrical landscape of the song "Blind Eye" with words as accurate as "We could lose a lot of sleep if we were not so numb", we became plenty of reasons to listen, think and then go a little beyond the bland daily development.

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Text by Juan Carlos Romero 
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