In her hands

Insomnia is definitely a Sea of colours, like the ending title of the album. The Israeli composer, cellist and singer Adi Sappir has created a deep and beautiful tapestry of sounds in an album that wakes up our minds.

Adi Sappir was trained by two of Israel’s leading cellists: Dr. David Sella - a former member of New York University music faculty, and Emanuel Gruber - principal cellist of the Israeli Chamber Orchestra. She is also a graduate student of the musicology faculty at Bar- Ilan University, Tel-Aviv. She moved to Melbourne, Australia, in 2001 and since then she has been involved in different projects while she was developing her own sound which she defines as an East meeting West creation. She has played in baroque chamber ensembles and with R&B pianist Andy Cowan. In 2003 she formed The Mercurials along with the guitarist and singer Mark Ferrie and guitarist Andrew Pendlebury. In 2011 she released her second solo album titled Insomnia, recorded and mixed by Neil Kelly. She describes her composition process like writing songs with a cello in her hand in an intimate style, lyrical and infused with her classical and cultural influences, including songs in english and hebrew.

Insomnia is the title song of the album. She explains the song came to her when her little girl couldn't fall asleep, and now is our mind which will be awake for ever and ever. Its sound caresses us in a so intimate way that makes us desire to get lost in it. Then a lower cello sounds On a verge of a change but the light of hope is still there. As she sings “is the mystery of joy”, probably the best way to describe her creativity. Adi Sapir Fills us with meaning, showing us the beauty of Shadows and swimming in the Sea of colours. Please, Adi, Keep on going.

Text by Juan Carlos Romero
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Photo courtesy of Adi Sappir
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