Diário. 2011

A film by Mónica Baptista

Director.Photography.Editing: Mónica Baptista
Sound: Bruno Moreira

Director's notes:

"This film was made with series of images, over 4000, all them integrate a photographic recording that I have been carrying out for the past three years. Without any initial purpose that would circumscribe all these images, this photo diary drifts and accompanies many different circumstances, trips, places and people.

The editing of the film shown here does not resort to any major tricks: no image cutting was carried out - the photos are all here, in chronological sequence - frame speed was manipulated in a 35mm editing table where the mechanic and physical gesture can create a suspension of frame in time, interspersed with other moments in which the progression of the film takes on a syncopate rhythm."

Video courtesy of and owned by Mónica Baptista
All rights reserved