OKISIR . 2017

A dance performance at Parthenon of Books.

The Open City (Pavilion of Hospitality) and 10 Performers from Kassel as guests of Parthenon of Books 10 Dancers from Kassel improvise according to a score they get three days before the performance. There are no previous rehearsals. No questions regarding the score are answered. The interpretation is free for every dancer. The time frame and the dynamics of the group originate in the moment of the action. Collective decision-making is the key component. 

Performers: Julian Dollichon, Anna-Maria Heuer, Annika Hoffmann, Saida Makhmudzade, Salla Nieminen, Svetlana Smertin, Mareike Steffens, Christa Stöffelbauer, Serja Vesterinen, and Timo Wilmesmeier

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