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Mari Trolas
Existencia selectiva
© + courtesy Mari Trolas

I remember having come by chance to a photograph with the title Género neutro (Neuter gender) in which one could see a poster that read "Se reparte género" (goods shared). That pic immediately caught my attention by how an apparent simplicity was capable of transmitting so many messages simultaneously. When I started to find out who the author was, I came across the name Mari Trolas for the first time. Who was Mari Trolas? It seemed obvious that it was a pseudonym, a trola (a lie in Spanish), yes, but full of truth. A truth that in the case of Mari Trolas photography has many ways: humor, a certain surrealism at times, hyperrealism in others, but always making it clear that there is a framework that is also part of what Mari Trolas wants us to express : one truth to show many others, always wide open to those that each of us see in them. A creation born of concern, both for their own vision of the world and for her desire to open each of the doors arising from the vision that others have of their photographs.

What is art for you?

A way of expression, of uncertain appearance with an absolute truth in every moment.

And why did you choose photography?

Although it seems a bullshit, I noticed the photographers before the photography. I am a "tele girl" and I grew up watching actors who embodied beautiful photographers, photography entered my eyes. It was a matter of time and many hours of laboratory what made me realize that it was not a passing love. Photography is my creative base and through it I experiment and let myself be amazed by an endless number of coordinates. I am artistically restless.

Who is Mari Trolas?

Well ... it is the one that looks and remira, the one that illustrates, designs, the one that embroiders, the one that breathes ... all of them are me. Under a pseudonym my vision is more honest, less prejudiced and much freer.
Trola means a lie in Spanish, is your work not realistic?

In fact, it can not be more "real". I like to define my work as contemplative photography, generally my images are made up of everyday situations, I photograph the environment in which I move although it is not a problem to modify reality to make it my own.

One of your photographs that has caught my attention is Flores para mí (Flowers for me), in which a bouquet of flowers and the hand of a mannequin appear, and which for me has a certain surrealist air. What are the elements that in your opinion make up your photography?

In this photograph I was looking for a dynamic framing in a harmonious space. Structurally, my way of looking is very orderly and the elements that appear in my images have an intentionality. In this case the hand is part of a stage lived with my beloved Moro, a life partner who squanders talent. I was lucky to be able to appropriate it and I see it at home in a prominent place.

Mari Trolas
Flores para mí
© + courtesy Mari Trolas

There is one called Shadow in which you create a composition from a motorcycle and the reflection of a building on it, generating something new. There is something constant search in your photos, what motivates you to that search?

The possibilities of perception of daily life are unlimited, that motivates me.

Mari Trolas
© + courtesy Mari Trolas

When do you think you are in front of a good photograph?

I see them when passing, observing ... any situation can gather the characteristics so that a good photo is produced, sometimes impossible to materialize. Surely because of my perception of the present, I try to make my work suggestive without being subjective.

When the cover of NAU NUA was proposed to you, you suggested these four of your photographs.

Mari Trolas
Reflejos direcciones
© + courtesy Mari Trolas

Mari Trolas
A sus quehaceres
© + courtesy Mari Trolas

Mari Trolas
Memoria sensorial
© + courtesy Mari Trolas

Mari Trolas
Estando yo en Missuahalli
© + courtesy Mari Trolas

What can you explain about them?

Well, I prefer that everyone is provoked whatever they want ... they are very fotodiario and I like to know that everyone perceives it in their own way. Many times with the titles and I think I give my version and condition. It could be Ecuador but also Cuenca on a trip with my friends. The first photo is in Morocco and the other three are in Ecuador, but that's not the important thing, but the moment itself is what makes me smell and remember that day when I see them. What I mean is that when I consume photography, of course I am interested in the historical setting, that is, the anecdotes, the bio of the artist, etc., but I like to observe them and also make them mine in my memory. I like the same thing with my work.

The simplicity of Tú verás (you will see), in which on a wall the phrase Guarda Emilio is written and under it two chairs. How does Mari Trolas see the world, and art in particular?

In particular?! ... Art and all its representative forms coexist with us. What interests me is simplicity and not simplicity. Trolas sees the world racing on a Möbius itinerary.

Mari Trolas
Tú verás
© + courtesy Mari Trolas

Where is Mari Trolas currently going?

I have several projects in hand: "#Fotodiariomaritrolas", which I started in February 2012, and "Frases de merde ilustradas", a new illusion that excites me which I started in December 2018. And ... luck in life!

Can you explain a dream you had while you were sleeping or a childhood memory?

Since I pay bills I do not have time to dream, although I remember a recurring dream, very little photographic but with many strokes of Glitch Art.

An interview by Juan Carlos Romero
Photographs by Mari Trolas © + courtesy  Mari Trolas
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