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Glorious disaster

Yes, I was late. Five minutes, as the song of Luis Eduardo Aute. But in the song the great María Félix danced and drank while singing "five minutes, just the ones that left and I forget the mourning, five and no more." That’s an evocative image, right? My five minutes, however, were pitiful, pathetic because they were run late, too late, along the streets of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat to the Teatre Joventut where acted that night the great Adrià Puntí in the Barnasants Festival, to which we all owe so much. He had already begun his performance. He was alone on stage, with acoustic guitar, sunglasses and a single vertical focus illuminating him. Sorry, I could not tell what song he was singing, I think it was Esperit. But it sounded a prelude to something big.

Later, Puntí sat at the piano and his band appeared on stage. He honored Ovidi Montllor performing the song that the master from Alcoy composed with Jaume Subirana entitled Carnisseria (Butcher’s). "While cutting, sadistically distracted he was thinking of his wife, tsss, his father, tsss, his mother in law, tsss ...". Puntí succeed adding Artur Mas, president of the Catalan government, which started the laughter of the audience, and Mariano Rajoy, president of the Spanish government, getting even a big sarcastic applause. These are things from the political whoring and the citizen flagger infatuations.

Puntí was magical, as is his repertoire of a textual richness that is unfortunately scarce. He explained “Do you know the story of the man who walked around Girona with a phone? Everybody mocked him...Now we all have one”. I found a knock on my door. It could not be real because clearly I was not home. Neither an optical illusion could manufacture a finest range of possibilities because a call sounds but rarely can be seen. Then? It was Puntí, he was hitting the strings of his piano and I listened to them just feeling in the house of the songwriting art, mine, and the one everyone should feel as their own. We missed you, Adrià. There were moments for his new songs from the recent EP Benvinguts al desastre (Welcome to disaster) as Esperit, which I missed at first, and La prova del nou, which could be included in his upcoming new album, as well as the advanced Tornavís. If the the album sounds this way is up to the author from Salt. But there was also space for Umpah-pah and his previous solo albums. So he performed his classics Ull per ull, Sota una col, Catximba and the huge , once overed by Bunbury, from the latest Umpah-Pah album published in 1996 La columna de Simeón. "Who could it be? I want it’s you ... Tell me! Tell me once! ... For mercy! Please, tell me! confess ... Maybe you do not exist. When in doubt, it’s a dream. "And that's Puntí on stage, a dream come true. With humor and good lyrics.

Text by Juan Carlos Romero
Adrià Puntí website
Photo courtesy of Barnasants
Video courtesy of Vilaweb
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