Skin deep

Ears - Pink

Ears - Pink © Emma Vo

Foot - Red © Emma Vo

Ears - Red

Ears - Red © Emma Vo

Ears - Turquoise

Ears - Turquoise © Emma Vo

Head - Turquoise

Head - Turquoise. © Emma Vo

Torso - Blue © Emma Vo

Bottom - Blue © Emma Vo

Vagina - Blue

Vagina - Blue © Emma Vo

Skin deep. 2013

"The human body and the beauty of the shapes found within it have been central in much of my work. My latest fine art project 'Skin Deep' explores how we view ourselves in the modern western culture and what is consider to be beautiful and more specifically what we are prepared to do to ourselves in order to change parts of our image we perceive to be imperfect.

'Skin Deep' are showing images of odd, uncomfortable and impossible body positions using casts (made of my own body parts) as well as my body. My work is a journey where I tackle the struggles many girls and women have today regarding their self-images, therefore I only use myself as a model to be able to explore and understand this subject to the fullest. I will continue to challenge the “ideal beauty” and explore how we view ourselves." Emma Vo

All works and text by Emma Vo. © Emma Vo

All images courtesy of Emma Vo
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