LYS . 2015

An album by RÁN

Album concept, songs and development by Kati Ran

This album is recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by: 
Christopher Juul | Lava Studios | Copenhagen | summer 2015 

Additional recordings were made by Fieke van den Hurk | Orchus Studio | 
Holland (2014-2015) and Oliver S. Tyr Home Studio (2013-2015) 

Music by Kati Ran and Christopher Juul 
Song Arrangements by Christopher Juul 
Composition by Kati Ran and Christopher Juul 

All vocals by Kati Ran 
Nyckelharpa and hammered dulcimer by Kati Ran 
All other instruments performed by Christopher Juul 

Celtic Harp on Flamme, Harpa Toner, Nymånen and Sol by Chloe Bakker 
Mandora and guitar on Harpa and Fylgja by Oliver S. Tyr | FAUN 
Additional vocals on Flamme and Suurin by Kai Uwe Faust | HEILUNG
Additional vocals on Vinda and Suurin by Maria Franz | HEILUNG | Euzen 
Additional vocals on Sol by Kristian Uhre | Euzen 
Acoustic guitar on Ran by Harald Juul | Euzen 
Violin on Terveh by Nilla Flowerface | Saffron Sun 
Acoustic guitar on Terveh Philip Xander | Saffron Sun 

Graphic design and illustrations by Solawende

All rights reserved