Beauty and thorns

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Paula Frazer grew up singing in the church choir in Georgia and Arkansas. When she moved to San Francisco she joined different bands like Frightwig, Pleasant Day, Trial, Faith No More (guest guitarist), Virginia Dare, Cloiter, etc. In 1991 she started the band Tarnation releasing the first album "I'll Give You Something to Cry About" in 1994. She has also released some albums under her own name Paula Frazer: "Indoor Universe", "A Place Where I Know" and "Leave The Sad Things Behind". In 2007 she returned as Paula Frazer and Tarnation releasing the album “Now it's Time” (Birdman Records). While she continues collaborating with a lot of projects in San Francisco, she has just recorded a new album to be released next summer. Her beautiful voice and the poetry of her songs aret he best way to arrive to the Western star.

What have you found in the Western star?

Western star is about searching. Like the old saying in The US of "go west young Man" but it is more about self searching and considering your life and what has gone on in your past.

Your Watercolor song sounds very melancholic. Our memories are like watercolors?

It's a love song and was inspired by the sunset.

Bitter rose is closer to a pop style in contrast with the deepness of your voice and the lyrics. Bitterness and sweetness are always linked?

Yes - beauty and thorns. The irony of life.

How could we free our minds and be open all the time?

Questioning what we do and being aware. Try to live in the moment and be present.

Tell us about all the musical projects in which you are involved right now.

I finished a new record last fall. This will be my 8th record and I am releasing it this summer. I also play with a lot of San Francisco projects so I keep really busy playing music, recording and playing shows.

Now it’s time for?

My new record -- finally.. It has been a while since I put out my last record.

What would be the place where Paula Frazer feels completely free?

In nature. By the ocean and in the woods.

For what would you protest right now?

Food, healthcare, equality and education for all people. It's idealistic but really, everyone should have all these basic things.

One of your latest songs is titled I’ll never know. Don’t you really think you’ll ever know?

Not sure how to answer this one.

Imagine you walk across the desert and you find an abandoned factory. What would you like to do with it?

Not sure how to answer this one either. I guess it would depend on where it was and what was available to do there. Could it be a farm or a place to build things?

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