Sculptures inhabited by the Haute Couture

Orbites Adrienne Jalbert

Adrienne Jalbert paints flashing calligraphies of a West which caresses the East. She sculpts incredible spheres of terrestrial metals that call to the Cosmos. And the French-American artists invents a collection of sculpture-clothing that take your breath away. Because from ther fascinating hands, this magician of shapes, gives birth to bewitching works. 

Apparition Adrienne Jalbert

Reminiscences of her childhood? Of the piano and the harp she wished to learn? Of the dance that she mastered. Of fashion that captured her. Emerge sculptures of metal wires in love with movement. Of movement that inhabits the mind and allows to appear bodies, admirable and so marvellously transparent. Open, invisible women, astonishingly present. Offered. The regard is blurred. Troubled. Seized. Overwhelmed. With her fascinating hands that battle continually with the strengths of the metals, Adrienne Jalbert creates. Still more interlacing and weaving of materials. More volume and lightness. This lightness so well held and yet staggeringly airy and feminine. Born, an “Apparition”. A dream. A vision. An evanescent revelation of brass, bronze, crystal and gold. And if suspended above a Venetian wave, balancing and flying to the woman mysterious and moving. Dancing and exalting. Absolutely divine. 

Text by Anne Kerner. © 2011Ouvretesyeux
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