SOIL COLLECTORS | Foreign soil

Photo by Wren Noble. All rights reserved

Foreign soil. 2014

A film by Soil Collectors

shamanic blues // live electronics // improvisation
Hannah Tolf - voice, electronics 
Isabel Sörling - voice, electronics 
Jonathan Albrektson - drums, synths

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Made 2013/2014
Camera: Donovan Von Martens
Editing: Jonathan Albrektson
Music: Soil Collectors 
Music editing: Jonathan Albrektson (music from the album Onata Onawa)
Assistents: Xenia Kriisin, Kristin Freidlitz, Jenni Tolf, Hannah Shermis, Anna Lund
Special thanks to: Robert Tolf, Marianne Sörling, our dear assistents and Donovan Von Martens.

All rights reserved