Uyai. 2017

An album by Ibibio Sound Machine

Eno Williams – Vocals 
Alfred Kari Bannerman – Guitar 
Anselmo Netto – Percussion 
Jose Joyette – Drums 
John McKenzie – Bass 
Tony Hayden – Trombone, Synthesizer 
Scott Baylis – Trumpet, Synthesizer 
Max Grunhard – Alto & Baritone Saxophone, Synthesizer 

Derrick McIntyre – Bass on ‘Give Me a Reason’ 
CH Straatman – Bass on ‘Quiet’ 
Emmanuel Rentzos – Keyboard on ‘Guide You’ and ‘Pot Is On Fire’ 
Dan Leavers – additional Keyboard on ‘Give Me a Reason’, ‘Pot Is On Fire’ and ‘Joy’ 
Kristian Craig Robinson – Mbira, Flute and Synthesizer on ‘One That Lights Up’ 
Affiong David Ekwere – Backing Vocals and Spoken Part on ‘The Chant’, Backing Vocals on ‘Guide You’ 
Marilyn David Huck – Backing Vocals on ‘The Chant’ and ‘Guide You’ 
Jaelee Small – Backing Vocals on ‘The Chant’ and ‘Pot Is On Fire’ 
Beth Mburu-Bowie – Backing Vocals on ‘The Chant’ and ‘Pot Is On Fire’ 

Produced by Max Grunhard 
Additional production: Tony Hayden, Kristian Craig Robinson and Dan Leavers 

Recorded by Max Grunhard at Vanguard Studios, London, UK 
except ‘Trance Dance’ recorded by Benedic Lamdin at Fish Market Studios, London, UK 

Mixed by Kristian Craig Robinson, Dan Leavers and Max Grunhard at Total Refreshment Centre Studios, London, UK 

Mastered by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering, London, UK 

All tracks written by Ibibio Sound Machine. Copyright control. 

Design by Vanessa DeJongh and Daniel Murphy 

Photography by Dan Wilton 

All rights reserved