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Own visions

Portrait Simon Lohmeyer by © Max von Treu

After high school, Simon Lohmeyer decided to study life by traveling the world for eight years. Modeling made his travels possible, and launched an intense relationship with photography that led him to explore its various genres of fashion, documentary, landscape, and people photography. Now he is presenting the collective exhibition Corpus delicti that is going to be open on 19 September 2018 at The Ballery art gallery in Berlin-Schöneberg. Corpus delicti - 3 contemporary views on nude photography and staging the body will show works by photographers Simon Lohmeyer, Sonia Szóstak and Steven Kohlstock on the subject of nude photography and staging the body on contemporary photography, addressing issues such as intimacy, gender, and sexuality. Simon Lohmeyer will present some of his self-portraits and depictions of couples.

You became a photographer after working as a model. What did you find in photography that seduced you to the point of becoming a professional photographer?

Modelling was relaxing, plus you have no responibility - but that was not my aim. I wanted to create my own visions - not beeing a doll for the Fashion Industry anymore. 

How important was your modelling experience as background to develop your photography?

On my way as a Model I met more than enough people I don't wanna miss in my life anymore - they inspired me and gave me an idea about colours, light and specific moods I love to put in my work today. Without modelling I would not be a Photographer today. 

You have explored different fields in photography: documentary, fashion, landscape and people photography. Have you found one that you are particularly passionate about?

By far - my most favorite field is my Nude Photography. This is where I know how to handle my skills. I feel passionate but most importantly confident with nude skin in front of my camera. 

Some of these fields require a more realistic approach and others are the result of a very studied composition. What do you prefer?

I love to find my photo in Real Circumstances, but give them my little Simon Twist. That means I give it a spark of Humor or a Pose that brakes with the landscape. 

You are presenting a collective exhibition under the title "Corpus delicti". What do you think about our cultural concept of nudity?

Our Cultural Concept of Nudity is changing so much. Our parents lived it in the 60s where almost everything was possible. The reason that I moved to Berlin is definitley to find some more open minded people to create a better understanding and an openess for nudity. 

You use to create compositions in which male and female bodies share scene with other elements, natural or artificial. Why is nudity so inspiring for you?

As a model I was always an object of the fashion world. It was never my character or me as an individual. The Fashion was ruling. Nudity is not doing that. It shows the real person - not able to hide behind a Style. That is what I love. 

Some of your works are selfportraits. Is it a kind of liberation?

These Selfportraits arise because, first - I love to be naked. And its the cheapest and fastest method to get the photo I want. I take the photo and I am the model. A One Man Show. 

When do you feel that you are in front a good photograph?

I feel that when my mind goes way further than to what I see. It tells me stories and brings me to other places. 

What artists have influenced you?

My favorite Artists are Ren Hang, Tim Walker, Ryan McGinley, Ellen von Unwerth, Guy Bourdin, etc.

Could you explain us a dream that you had while sleeping or a childhood memory?

Once I dreamt that I was flying on a flying carpet over my childhood neighboorhood, these images of that trip I will probably never forget.


3 contemporary views on nude photography and staging the body

With works by Sonia Szóstak, Simon Lohmeyer and Steven Kohlstock 

Curated by Nadine Dinter

An exhibition at The Ballery, Berlin

20 September – 21 October 2018

A selection available here

An interview by Juan Carlos Romero

Photo by © Max von Treu
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