KARREN . 2013

An album by Olivia Block


Karren is a two-movement orchestral-electroacoustic composition 
by composer Olivia Block. The first movement, Foramen Magnum, 
is an electroacoustic/concrète piece created from heavily processed 
field recordings. These recordings were taken from orchestral 
rehearsals and various public locations. 

The second movement, Opening Night, is a layered orchestral 
score performed by the Chicago Composer’s Orchestra, with 
whom Block worked for several years in order to complete this 

Composed by Olivia Block 2006-2012 
Orchestral Score performed by Chicago Composer’s Orchestra 
Conducted by Christopher Ramaekers 
Recorded in 2012 by Todd Carter in the Fine Arts Building, Chicago 
Additional Musicians: 
Jon Mueller (gong, percussion) recorded by Olivia Block in 
Milwaukee, WI, 2011. 
Mastered by Bhob Rainey 
Field recordings from the following sites: 
Multiple CCO orchestral rehearsals in Chicago, IL, San Diego Zoo, 
Serralves Contemporary Art Museum in Porto, Portugal

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