GOOD BOY . 2017

Concepted by Alain Buffard in 1988
with the assistance of Matthieu Doze

Performed by Matthieu Doze

Accompagnement artistique : Fanny de Chaillé 
Accompagnement technique : Christophe Poux
Régie générale : Jérémie Sananes
Directrice de production / diffusion : Isabelle Ellul
Attachée de production / communication : Jeanne Dantin

music (palix' collection) :
andante of the sonata n° 1 in B minor of J.S. Bach, BWV 1014 interpreted by Glenn Gould and Jaime Laredo - sony records SM2K 52 615
Good boy by Kevin Coyne - virgin records VD 2501
New York, New York by Wendy Mae Chambers - ellipsis arts CD 3530

Originally Alain Buffard wanted to thank specially HélËne d'Hervé for her presence during the process of the work.

Collaboration:  Eve Couturier, Marc Domage, Jean-Jacques Palix, Sabine Prokhoris-

Support and advices: Catherine Contour, Matthieu Doze, Martha Moore and Yvonne Rainer.

This work wouldn't emerge without my meeting with Anna Halprin.

Filmed live at la Manufacture Atlantique, Bordeaux
Video courtesy of CultureBox | France Télévisions
All rights reserved