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No fear of changes

Photo © Vita Grodzitska

I remember the first time I saw the illustrations of the Ukrainian artist Lena Quiet and how their simple and clear lines transmitted me peace of mind, joy and a love for nature. Soon I discovered that Lena Quiet was more than an illustrator. She was born in Kiew and as one can read in her website Be stylish. Be quiet. It's simple. She is an artist and a stylist who is totally convinced that creativity and life must go hand in hand. Influenced by many artists and cultural mouvements, she is a creator which sees in changes an oportunity to enrich her own life and to go forward and forward.

How important is creativity in your life?

I think life is all about creativity. Even when you make an omelet. 

Your creative activity mixes drawing, design, fashion... What does each of these facets repre-sent for you?

I imagine this activities like different steps of my self-expression. Drawing was first and basic which appears as I was a teenager. I made my first fanfic sketches sitting on boring lessons and having no friends in the new school. But this sad story however gave me an experience: when you are alone/feeling sad/de-pressed - just take something in your hands and create. Later my creativity became a part of me and there is no more need of bad mood:) 

Your drawings have an innocent, carefree air, very inspired by nature, in terms of shapes and colors. They remind me of Japanese art. Where does your inspiration come from and what are your influences?

Thank you for the metaphors. My art method is a kind of quick and simple technics of illustration. I really care for being a more complicated artist.

I like to combine portraits, fashion and nature - my preferable themes.

My references in colors come from classic impressionists: Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. I adore scrolling in Pinterest contemporary digital artists in grahpics and illustration, whose works are bright, precise and dynamic. And probably Japanese manga, comic graphics and early fashion illustrator as Rene Gruau give me the example of rare composition.

© Lena Quiet

In terms of fashion, how would you explain that it is actually an art form?

No doubts. You can understand that fact when you see the inside work of the designer, this hard form of self-expression. Art is concerning uniqueness but all the time I see many copies of well sell-ing design. Of course I understand, when you are in the business it’s obvious to represent fashion trends and transform some bright ideas. Clearly we should divide business and art, like ready-to-wear and haute-couture.

What are your references in the fashion world?

The whole industry inspires - it’s the a great mechanism in which we are all involved. In macro and micro view all the parts of working fashion machine are beautiful.

What would you say to the ones that criticize that the contemporary art museums organize fashion exhibitions?

Fashion is a great part of culture. Why not?

Photo © Vita Grodzitska

In your website we can read “Be stylish. Be quiet. It's simple”. Obviously that is more than sentence referred to fashion. What is your life attitude?

There is an obvious connection between my life experience and the way I work.

‘Stylish’ is for allowing yourself being contemporary.

‘Quiet’ is for a right attitude in shopping. I went through shopaholism and consumerism - and I now for sure, it is not a key to a perfect life, moreover this quick happiness creates a pack of problems that should be solved in right time. Now I prefer to spend my time on myself or with my family - not in shoppingmalls and online-stores.

‘Simple’ is about changes - there should be no fear only your clear wish.

Of course life is not that simple as a stylish wardrobe but it can be easier when your staff is on the right place in you life.

And what about your future projects?

I gain so much positive emotions from hosting and production videos about style and fashion on my youtube channel. I think this is my new Avalon.

Could you explain me a dream that you had while sleeping or a childhood memory?

When I fly in my dreams - I’m on the right way.

An interview by Juan Carlos Romero
Illustration by © Lena Quiet
Photographs by © Vita Grodzitska courtesy of Lena Quiet
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